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Life’s A Beach

I had the pleasure to wake up one morning and walk along the beach. There’s nothing like the sound of the water washing up on the shore and the feeling of sand between my toes. I’m at peace when I’m on the beach because it seems as if everything fades as the waves come and go.

Every time the water meets the sand and goes back into the ocean it leaves a different mark. I began to wonder, what will my mark be? How will I be remembered? Will people remember how I made them feel? Things I said or didn’t say? Things I did or didn’t do? Will they remember my smile and laughter?

Walking The Beach

Walking The Beach

I have always felt like I needed closure. No matter what the situation was, I always wanted people to know how I felt or how they made me feel. I would often times loose sleep when things went unresolved or when I felt like someone wronged me. Eventually I realized that sometimes closure means leaving things, situations and even people alone and simply moving on. I had to remember to pray about whatever it was and put it in God’s hands. I also had to have faith that He would give me a sense of peace and that was better than closure.

I believe the best thing to do in moving on and creating an everlasting mark is to make sure your body of work, (your life) is done with integrity and humility. Life is not easy, we are not perfect and we should never miss an opportunity to start over and make better decisions. Pray without ceasing. Take responsibility for your actions.  Apologize when you’re wrong, even if it’s not accepted. Love unconditionally. Give cheerfully. Enjoy life and the people in it. Live with no regrets. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Smile and laugh often. Forgive as Christ has forgiven you.

Mom left us with memories that will never fade and numerous and valuable life lessons. I will never forget this particular lesson I learned, while simply walking along the beach.

When you leave this place, leave your mark and be remembered.