Helping Hands and Understanding the M.A.P

My church (The Greater Piney Grove Baptist) prides itself on being “The Church With Helping Hands”. Mom explained to me as a young child that “Humans have hands for a reason, to reach out and help one another.”

Last week I had a former classmate of mine reach out to me via Facebook. She’s a very sweet young lady and I have fond memories of her smile and laughter. Knowing very little of her life post high school, I did find out through a mutual dear friend that her Mom was ill and not doing well. Anyway, she reached out to me seeking a lil encouragement. At the time I was in my own feelings because the 7th approaching. The 7th of every month is a constant reminder of my own loss. I told her that I would be in contact later on that day. We didn’t get a chance to catch up. I found out a couple of days later on September 11, 2012 at 3:20pm that her Mom had passed.

My heart broke all over again as I began to feel the familiar flood of emotions that I felt the day that my Mom passed. It is a feeling that I don’t wish on anyone. As a child we think, want, and even expect our parents to live forever but that is far from God’s plan. Otherwise our patents would literally be “old as Methuselah”. As much as we hate the idea of death, it is a natural part of life.

The support system of family and true friends is nothing short of amazing. It was their hands that rubbed my back when I was in tears. It was their hands that prepared food, that mailed cards, texted, called visited and stood by and held me up when I felt I couldn’t stand. The Helping Hands…

One of the most important, loved and well memorized scriptures in the Bible is…
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I believe that death is the gateway to “eternal life”. God doesn’t want us to suffer, He doesn’t want us to hurt but because we’re human we do. What happens when the pain subsides, (does it ever) and tears run dry? We have to recall to our remembrance of God’s motive, His action, and His promise (Or as I love to call God’s M.A.P) to us. His motive is His love, His action was He gave His Son and His promise is eternal life for those who believes in Him. “Everything happens in life for a reason, according to God’s M.A.P”

Through the grieving process we sometimes forget about God. We become extra sensitive and maybe even offended by the cliche of textbook words of encouragement that people tend to offer. Even though they may mean well and genuinely care, it does absolutely nothing (at the time) to the person who is suffering a tremendous loss, especially that of a Mother. As time passes by, everyone goes on about their life as usual while we are left trying to mend the pieces of our broken hearts together. The loss leaves you lost. No where to go, no where to turn and at some point you find yourself going in circles.

When things settled and I was all alone to my thoughts and in reflection, I had totally forgot about God. I was grieving, hurt, angry, and a lot of other things. What is so wonderful is, He didn’t forget about me. God was there, like always. Wanting and waiting for me to come to Him to give me the “… peace that passes all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) that He promised.

I pray constantly for the young lady that lost her Mother and I pray for her family. I don’t pray because its the “textbook cliche of encouraging words” but because someone did it for me. Someone reached out with their hands in prayer to help my family and I continue to get through the daily struggle and reminder of our own loss.

It’s been five months and I still can’t believe and it still hurts but I know Mom is wrapped in God arms and is reaping the eternal benefits of following God’s M.A.P.



Don’t allow your loss to keep you lost, when God’s M.A.P is already laid before you.

Dedicated to B.H. Xoxo


One thought on “Helping Hands and Understanding the M.A.P

  1. What a wonderful way to share and help others, using your own pain! Deaconess Lethiea Smith and I are doing a session on grief and loss with the Grove Sisterhood and I will be sharing this page!

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