One of my favorite gospel songs has to be “Joy” sung by the Ga Mass Choir and written by Kirk Franklin. The words are so powerful and overwhelming at this stage in my life. The words mean a lil more than they did when I would sing it with the youth choir at my church.

I dreaded the phone call the day Mom passed… My brother Vernon simply said “Mom’s gone.”. I said “Okay…” and hung up the phone. I remember going outside screaming and crying. Fast forward a couple of months later and I heard this song…

“One of these ol’ mornings, it won’t be very long,
You just might look for me, but I’m going on home;
I’m going up to glory where I’m gonna sing and shout,
Oh joy, joy in my soul…”

Filled with emotions and tears… I remembered Mom… The “Joy” she must have felt to “Go home”… Then I remembered the “Joy” she felt when she had and named me “Joy”.

~Amen, walls~

It is because of…

“The Master’s Joy
My Savior’s Joy
The lilly of the valley, Joy
Alpha and Omega, Joy.
In the midnight hour, Joy.
He gives me strength and power, Joy.
No food on the table, Joy.
I know that He is able, Joy…”

I am here, a living testimony of God’s Joy… My Mother’s Joy…


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