Mother’s Day

Today is a day that I dreaded. Waking up, knowing that I couldn’t call my Mother was the hardest thing for me. Being a mother myself is such a blessing but the holiday has always been about my Mom. Every chance we got to celebrate her, we did. Every chance we got, we would call, or come by. Mom knew how much we loved her and we knew how much she loved us. It is because of all the LOVE that we feel such a void today. While it’s easy for some to say “She’s in a better place.” “She’s no longer suffering.” or the classic “She’s with you in spirit.” It is NOT the same. When a person as been the center of your world for your whole life, only to be taken away there is nothing anyone can say to fill that void or to make it better. Only God can give us comfort because HE knows who she was and what she meant to us. Most people will NEVER know the impact Mom had on our lives. To experience what it was like to be in her presence, to be surrounded by her love, to be comforted by her are things that are cherished by people who knew her best.

While you celebrate your Mother today, please pray for those who mourn theirs.


One thought on “Mother’s Day

    I too have to say I Miss Minister Martha myself.
    As I looked over the family & Minister Martha’s journey, I wondered how her memory would be remembered, all that she stood for, all that she fought for and the passion that she taught with.
    I thought about all our expression of love and sadness and what it really means, in a few hours will mark another holiday/ celebration, without my shero, for most this will be another sad day, and for others well let’s just say the memories has already started to fade, but somehow I still hear the question what did Minister Martha teach you? What did she stand for, and what would she say if we could hear her speak right now? Her memory means more than hurting, more than the pain, that I’m sure of.
    We all feel pain & sadness without her, but tonight I am inspired, motivated to offer up my tribute to walk in the way she taught me. Will it hurt, yes, will it be painful, yes it will, but I refuse to hide from that Hurt or pain, I need to honor her memory for saying yes to be used to teach and motivate someone like me. I remember how she stood in the struggle of keeping a smile on her face, always a loving word on her lips, and inspirational and even beautiful appearance even when she was in pain, for me, this is the least I can do to stand where she would stand, to walk as she walked, to trust as she trusted. All I’m saying Minister Martha taught us that life is filled with happiness and pain, during the happy times its easy to stand and praise God, But when pain comes and it will come where are we then.
    We must remember what she believed, how her faith brought her through, if we believe in the same God that she believes when she lived with us, we need to take a look and see where that belief is now. There should be a conversation to all who knew her, we should come together to remember, to celebrate the life of our beloved Martha. We must not worry about the how or even who but open the door and allow the Holy Spirit to do what only the Holy Spirit can do. I’M JUST SAYIN……

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