The Transition

April 07, 2012 My Mother Rev. Martha V. Alexander transitioned from her earthly home to her heavenly home. While it doesn’t seem real and hurts so much right now. I have to continue to tell myself that she’s in a better place and no longer suffering. Mom made peace with everything a while ago and her undying faith carried her to the highest of high places. She fought a good fight and she lived a good life. Her legacy are her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and everything that she ever taught.

Mom wasn’t ours, she belonged to God first and while we loved her so much, God loved her more. She’s seen the light and God has shown her His face. I can’t imagine how she was greeted when she reached the heavenly gates. When she saw her Mother, Father and siblings. I know He welcomed her in His arms and said “Well done… Well done thy good and FAITHFUL servant.” She’s celebrating The Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in heaven on this Easter Sunday (oh God…) She’s experiencing God’s love in person. (my, my)

Mom loved her children and she wanted to be here with us but her work here and with us was completed. Everything that she taught us, everything that she has shown us will help us get through this. Lord, please take care of my Mother. Give us the peace and comfort to be okay without her even though her spirit will always be with us.


One thought on “The Transition

  1. ivin says:April 8, 2012 at 9:40 pm How sweet it is to know and love Jesus, Although I never had the opportunity to meet Mother. I was blessed to know her through Latrese. When latrese would talk about her mom and the things she would say and do, I felt like I was right there with her. May God and the love she has lavished upon you all give you the strength to endure the days to come. Let time,wisdom the teaching and the preaching be your guide. Let the memory of her smile be the blanket that gives you serenity that she is only a whisper away. May GOD keep you and embrace you like only he can.

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