Grand Finale


On Friday, April 13, 2012, twelve o’clock in the afternoon at The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church, my Mother Rev. Martha Virginia Alexander attended her final church service on this side of glory. Mom was surrounded by more love than most people will ever know. When we pulled up to the church we were in “awe” of all the people that had shown up for her celebration. People from the old neighborhood, co-workers, friends, and clergy were all there. The support shown for Mom spoke volumes of the kind of person she was and the support shown towards her family shows how much we’re loved. Its because of her that people loved her family. Her presence flowed through the church as if she were sitting right there. And she WAS there, she had the best seat in the house.

Her life was celebrated through worship, praise, song and through the Word of God.
People stood and spoke of Mom’s spirit. One of the attendants from the funeral home named Michael (Donald Trimble) said that Mom was a “Cool Christian”. Her divinity teacher Dr. Woods spoke of the kind of student she was who often taught the class. Others spoke of her love for them and the love she had for her children. Her keen fashion sense and leadership qualities set the tone for women preachers at the church.

The service was truly a family affair. Everyone played a part in making sure Mom’s Grand Finale was done in a fashion that represented the kind of Woman, Mother, Friend, Sister, Niece, and DIVA that she was. Pastor Davis, who taught me when I was a little girl prayed the sweetest prayer. Latrese (sister) read from the old testament Psalms 103:1-5 & 11-22 and if you closed your eyes and listened carefully you would have sworn it was my Mother’s voice. Pastor Jewel Brown, Jr. (cousin) read from the new testament. My brother Calvin spoke of the people that cared for her while she was in hospice and how Mom shaped him into the man that he is. My youngest niece Jasmine (niece) recited a poem she wrote, “I’ll Miss You”. Carrie (niece) stood so proud and boldly and told the congregation “Don’t mind the stories or rumors you’ve heard about my Gran. Don’t worry about what she had. Gran was NOT sick… She had a CONDITION… A CONDITION of FAITH. A condition that put her in a position to look towards the hills.” Our Pastor, Dr. William E. Flipppin, Sr eulogized Mom with the sermon “Martha, Martha” from Luke 10:36 and John 11.

Everything was bitter sweet. While Mom is no longer suffering and in a place that we all hope to be when our time comes, we still feel like we needed and wanted her here. We didn’t want Mom to suffer so slowly we are letting go, only holding on to everything that she taught us. Holding on to the love that we know she had for us.

We will mourn our Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Niece, Aunt and Dear Friend for years to come. Praying that God will give us the peace that she had when she took her final breath.

{click on the link below to watch a video tribute I did for my Mom entitled “Forever Truly Blessed”}

Gratitude fills our hearts when we think of all the love that we have received and we don’t take it lightly.

Thank you, all so much.


One thought on “Grand Finale

  1. THIS IS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL…..Always know just how blessed ya’ll are to have a Mother that was able and openly willing to show the love to all of you always, sometimes there can be so much pain that they shut done believe me, I know that, but God showed thru Mama Martha let her love shine and I want you all to know that Her blessings will be with you always, Rejoice Rejoice Rejoice ya’ll have been Blessed Abundently!!!!! Love you all from my heart always Shelly

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