It’s amazing how God speaks to me through music.

Im a R&B Junkie and there’s this song by 112 called “Playa” and part of the lyrics are…

“…. when I do get ready to settle down,
… the first one I’m calling is you
But until then……… I’m a playa”

In hearing the words of the song, I began to think about my relationship with God. I go out, have fun, and even skip church on Sunday. Only to find myself on my knees praying when I want or need something. I figure, ” Hey, I can live my life and when I’m done having fun, I can settle down and be the woman that God wants me to be.” I used to think, “I’m not ready, Christians don’t have fun. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and ride the fence.” I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be. I am a constant work in progress. Saying these things allow me to sleep at night and rationalize the choices that I have made in life. So, I play.

I grew up in church. From Bible Study to Sunday School, to Church service. I’ve participated in ministries, such as the Choir, Usher Board, Drama and Arts Ministry. My mom is an ordained minister. I’ve helped her research, take notes and type majority of her sermons. Needless to say, there is something that is rooted in me that I can’t get away or run from. Don’t get me wrong, I know the Lord, I believe in the birth and death of His son Jesus Christ. I even know how to pray. I just don’t pray like I’m supposed to nor do I listen. I’m as hard headed and as stubborn as they come.

God is not a genie. We can’t rub a lamp and expect him to pop out and grant wishes. We have to do our part. We can’t pray when things are wrong and not when pray and give thanks when things go right.

Life changes everyday but God does not and has not changed. God is consistent. It has been His grace and His mercy that had kept me safe all these years. It is my Mothers prayers that has also kept me. No matter how far I go, I always come back to what is rooted in me.

My life reminds me of the prodigal son parable found in Luke 15:11-32
Going away into the world only to come back to what was important all along. Not needing to seek the outside world for satisfaction. You can be in the world and not of the world. It’s also about a father’s (mother’s) love for his son who found his way back home. He welcomed him with open arms and without judgement.

A lot of people get lost in the world because they fear the judgement of their family and friends. But if you dig even deeper the parable is mainly about God’s attitude towards sincerely repentant sinners. We are His children and He loves us more than we love ourselves and He covers us. We don’t have to “Play”, we don’t have to fear judgment. God knows our heart and He is always there “with open arms” waiting for us to return.

At the end of the day, God loves us more than we love ourselves. We don’t have to run away from Him. We don’t have to hide from what He has put inside of us. When we Pray over Play we are living the life that God wants us to live and we will forever be blessed and a blessing to others because of it.




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