Is My Living In Vain?

Even laying in a hospital bed, Moms spirit is still high. Her voice is a lil hoarse but her laughter and smile are the same.

I was greeted with Moms “Hey, Baby Girl” as I entered her hospital room at Henry County. She reached out her hand, I grabbed it and began stroking it slowly. “Hey, Mommy.” She looked at me and smiled. Giving Mom a once look over while the nurse was giving her an IV, I noticed Mom had her nails and eye lashes done. I looked at her and said “Mom, when did all this happen?” My sister, then told me that Cindy, Moms eye lash lady and her husband, Moms nail tech came to the hospital and gave Mom the royal treatment. I thought to myself, Mom is truly special. Not just to her family and friends but to people she passes along the way. I don’t know any nail person that would go out their way and leave their business to tend to one of their customers. That says something about Moms character.

She’s not just our Mother. She’s a sister, grand mother, a great-grandmother, niece, auntie and cousin. Mom is an ordained minister and mentor. She is also a friend to many people in many different circles. Mom and I would laugh about the lady that knew her by name at the shoe store she loved to shop in, or how when I would go to the Dr and people would say “Oh, You’re Martha Alexander’s daughter. We love your Mom.” You would think Mom was famous and I love the attention that I would get because of her!

It touches her heart when people come and visit and makes her feel like she’s not alone in this fight. All of this reminds me to treat people right along the way. You never know who will be there for you when you need them the most. Never let your living be in vain.


One thought on “Is My Living In Vain?

  1. iReally enjoy reading your blog it touches me from inside every time , not knowing your mom can tell she’s a great person just as you are!! Our friendship has grown to be more than just a friendship it’s more of a Lifetime to me ya moms will forever be in my prayers as you & our friendship will forever be in my heart!!!! Peace & Love

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