Give it to God

I was recently told “Give it to God”. The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that Mom’s condition can’t be controlled. It hurts more than words when we can’t help her. Mom doesn’t complain much, she always says “I’m ok.” We know that she’s not but she puts on a brave face for us.

“Give it to God” means that we trust God’s will and way. He is merciful and whatever is destined to be is better than anything we can imagine right now. I don’t know about my siblings but that is something that I struggle with. I want and need answers. I want to understand what’s going on and why. I feel like I can have peace if I have answers. What I have to learn is, I can have peace without answers if I just “Give it to God.”

I don’t want my Mom to suffer or to be in any discomfort for my selfishness. God knows my heart and He also knows what’s best and starting today even though my Mom gave herself to God a long time ago… I give her to Him as my Mother, my strength, and my best friend to have full control over what happens next. I trust that He will give me comfort and peace while He does His work.


2 thoughts on “Give it to God

  1. In all give it to GOD! All we have to do is have FAITH and TRUST! My prayers are with your Mom and the entire Family. I am only a phone call away. I Love and Bless you all !!!

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