It is God’s order for things to happen the way that they do. So, when we are faced with life changing situations it is important for us to make sure that every moment is “Cherished”. A year ago Mom donated blood at the church and set off a chain of reactions that have lead us to where we are today.

After leaving church Mom felt dizzy and disoriented, she even got turned around trying to get home. Mom never mentioned this to us until about two weeks later when she began to feel the same way again. My niece Carrie called the paramedics and they came and checked Mom out and suggested we take her to the Dr. We did and the Dr said that Mom had a sinus and respiratory infection. She also gave mom a referral to get a MRI scan. Two weeks later, Mom went and got the MRI and the results came back and the Dr said that Mom had a “mini stroke” and proceeded to treat her for it.

In late April, Mom was at work and experienced dizziness and numbness in her leg. She also started to have tremors (uncontrollable jerking movement). She was then rushed to the hospital. There with more tests and scans, the image that the Dr saw previously where the stroke damaged was done had grown. Strokes don’t grow, which lead us to there being a “mass” in/on her brain.

Mom and I attended church for Mother’s Day service in May 2011.


In June, Mom had a biopsy and the results came back that Mom had a Brain Tumor called “Giloblastoma” which is a Milgnant Tumor. July 2011 Mom started a six week chemotherapy and radiation treatment to “shrink” the tumor. The treatment didn’t provide the results that we were expecting. So, after a brief break Dr. Simpson (Moms oncologist) started her on another treatment called Avastin.

Between then and now Mom has been in an out of the hospital with different complications associated with the tumor. Mom no longer receives the Avastin treatment because she’s having blood clots in her leg. Needless to say this has been an emotional roller coaster for all those involved.

As I sit here today in the hospital room across from my Mom I can’t help but reflect on how good God is. He gave me a WONDERFUL mother and every moment I have with her is cherished. A year ago, I would have never thought that I would be here. Mom says if she saw this coming she would have “Ran like hell in the opposite direction and still be running.” Either way, it is a blessing to be here beside her as she has been beside me.

People laugh at me because I always have my camera on “Ready”. What they don’t know is that my Dad liked to take pictures and when he passed in 2005 it was something that kept me connected to him. When my Grandmother passed in 2007, Carrie and I compiled all her pictures and created a movie of her life. Through those pictures we were able to see our family. We were able to connect with our past and embrace our future. Even now as I capture what some may think are “private family moments” in regards to my Mom these photos are apart of my life and have shaped who I am. “Pictures are Moments Captured to last a lifetime.” I can look back and be reminded of the love, the laughter and tears that God has given me and be grateful for them.



Tomorrow is not promised, please make sure that you cherish today.

Make sure that the ones you love know that you love them.


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