Mom has always been independent, in fact she raised all her children to be that way. It’s no wonder it’s hard for her to rely on her children for support. She never wanted to be in a position where she couldn’t do certain things for herself. The hardest thing for us, is to see Mom struggle. With Mom’s condition we all want her to be the “exception” and not the rule because we have God on our side. We serve a mighty God and He is bigger than any tumor. He is greater than any Doctor’s prognosis.

The human side of this is, Mom is starting to get discouraged. She’s hurting and doing everything that she is asked to do, so my question is “Why, is she hurting so much?” Mom is one of THE strongest women I know and when she breaks down it breaks the people around her. I try to not question God but this is a bit much for anyone to bare. I have to constantly remind myself that God is still in control. He knows what He is doing. I have to believe that He is preparing us.

“Hold on, don’t let go! Keep the faith, God WILL make a way!”


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