I value my relationship with my mother more than anything. It is because of her that I write is blog, it is because of her, I am who I am right at this very moment. She is the best part of me. With that being said I felt compelled to explain to people why it is important to have a great relationship with your parents. I like to think that it is because of how my mom treats not only myself but my siblings as well is the reason we are caring for her now.

The Bible taught us in Ephesians 6:2 to “Honor thy mother and father…” and I have seen parents abuse this passage and think that they are entitled to be put on a pedestal because the Word says so. Well, in Colossians 3:21 it says “Fathers do no provoke your children, or they may loose heart.”

The reverse is that parents should respect their children. You can’t have a meaningful relationship without mutual respect. Parents don’t provoke your children, how you treat them now will determine how they treat you as they get older. You don’t want to push them away, especially when you need them the most. In my line of work I’ve seen children put their parents away in a nursing home only to visit them once a month for less than a hour, or children who will hire someone to take on the responsibility of caring their parents because they can’t forgive the hurt that their parents caused them as a child. It’s sad to see but it is a reality of what’s going on.

My mother’s home is a safe haven for me. It is where I know I can receive all the things that I need emotionally and spiritually. I love her for making me feel safe, loved and wanted, even if I was the “Oops, baby.” ~I’ll explain another time~



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