Circle Of Life

A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook page some time ago and it really struck a cord with me and I just wanted to share…

Walt Disney’s movie “Lion King” is perhaps my favorite animated featured film for several reasons…

1) It’s symbolic nature as it relates to God as King,

2) It reminds me of the sacrifice a Father is willing to make for his child and lastly

3) It speaks to me in Swahili “Hakuna Matata” reminding me literally there are “no worries”.  “Hakuna Matata” to you. May the Lord keep you!

The part I love is when Simba looks in the water and first sees his reflection then when Rafiki says to look harder he sees the reflection of his father. If we too look deep in ourselves we can see the image of our (heavenly) Father for God is in and with us. 
~Rev. Ronald Crenshaw~

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