It’s interesting to see my mother interact with all her children. It’s like we each have a special relationship with her. You will NEVER hear us say “OUR mother”. She is “MY mother”. One would think she doesn’t have any more children. My brother will call and ask “Where MY momma at?” and  I will reply “I don’t know where MY mommy is.” LOL

When asked why does she treat one differently than the other she always says “I give you what you need.” Some of us need straight forward talk while others might need something a lil more different. The one thing that is consistent is the love she has for all of us.

We are overprotective of her and desire nothing more than for her to be whole again. To watch my mother kind of loose herself saddens me. She’s not her vibrant self anymore. Sometimes you can catch a spark of it but then it fades. I can’t imagine what she’s going through mentally, physically, and emotionally. On the outside looking in, I can only be sympathetic to the situation at hand and try to deal with it in my own way. A way that allows me to be the continued support system that she needs.

Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments but that’s just it, they are moments. We know who is in control. God has His hands on my mother and everyday we pray for healing for her in the name of Jesus. ~Amen~

 A doctor’s prognosis is but a verbal prescription to go to God in prayer!



3 thoughts on ““MOMMY”

  1. My God continue to send his healing angels to Momma Martha, you were like a Mother to me when I was a pre-teen, teen-ager and when I became a young mother myself. I lived and ate at your house 10 times more than my own house and you always made me feel like a part of the family and always made me feel special and important, I truly miss tthe relationship that I had with you and my sisters and brothers. You have deposited so much love and acceptance in your life and Lord we need to make a miracle withdraw to bring her back to her healthy vibrant self. Thank you Father, thank you Father, thank you Father and so it is……

  2. I admire Ms. Martha’s strength and the families strength in standing with her. I know how the treatments take a toll on her and the family. I continue to pray for all of your strength and for God’s perfect will to be done.

  3. Ms. Alexander What can i say a great woman of GOD you are like a second Grandmother to me you have been there thru thick and thin Good and bad thanks for your prayers that you have lifted up for me you brought me into you family as if i was a born by you thank you for that you are a GREAT WOMAN now i ask GOD TO HEAL YOUR BODY to give you the strength and peace of mind to face whatever he has you to face I LOVE you with all my HEART Grandmother MUUAAHH 🙂

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